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What do we offer you?
We can quickly put you in contact with a good-value and experienced local solicitor ideal for your needs. There are two ways to start the process:
Enter your details and area of law requirement into the form to the right and we'll call you
Call us for free on 0800 048 8829 and tell us about your issue
If you use the web-form we guarantee one of our advisors will call you within 5 minutes. However you contact us, our experienced, friendly staff will discuss your legal issue with you and find you the right solicitor.
Find Free Lawyer is the best service for speaking to lawyers and getting the right legal advice. We will help you find a solicitor and resolve your legal issue.
Service Charges
There is no charge to you for using the Find Free Lawyer service. Our telephone advisors have excellent knowledge of the legal process and can recommend the best course of action and ensure you talk quickly to the right solicitor for your needs. Our trained advisor can guide you if you may qualify for legal aid, if you qualify, you will not need to pay anything to the solicitors i.e. the solicitor we select for you will not charge you anything!
Vetted Solicitors
We vet all the solicitors before admitting them into our panel, therefore by using our service you can be certain that you will be using one of the best possible solicitors.